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Analyze the results of the New Zealand electricity market

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Free app for Mac, iPad, and now iPhone, that downloads publicly available solution case files then extracts and analyzes their data to create an interactive presentation of the New Zealand electricity market's final pricing results.

(By default the app downloads case file data from the website of the Electricity Authority (New Zealand) at these case files are located here)

The Mac version includes help pages, which describe how to use the app to explain the electricity market results. The help pages are available here.

New GenChange 2.0 (for iPad and iPhone), includes reserve sharing, improved plotting and filtering... features described here.

The following are a selection of screenshots from the app.

GenChange iPhone overview

GenChange Mac overview

GenChange iPad overview

GenChange Constraints

GenChange Settings

GenChange Mac calendar

GenChange Calendar

GenChange Mac DCS Quantity Summary

GenChange Price Summary

GenChange Quantity Summary